Do you think the culling of camels would cut carbon? I think there is something seriously wrong with the drinking water in Australia!

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    All I can say is that Camels are not from Aussie and send them back to the deserts and what are you on about culling them "because your water dose not taste the same" Duh I say get your water checked out by the local water board of get your selve a water filter AND LEAVE THE CAMELS ALONE

    They live in the desert. The centre of Australia is one big desert! The camels are not poohing in the water, they happen to breathe. You know, like people do. The stupid government wants to destroy them because they breathe out carbon dioxide. Haa, haa. Next it will be us!

    The polititians are making wrong decisions.

    your right there eggie the goverment is crazy what next! watch this space is all I can say thanks for he comment lol
    And no! there is nothing wrong with our water.Not all of us agree with Ms,Gillard & her cronies.

    Thank God for that! At least you and I are sane!

    Im sane also lol
    Just looked it up.Ridiculous!!!

    They're nuts! And the greenies are the bolts.
    ??? like what? Do you think Ms Gillard is on drugs or something?
    Camel culling has been going on here for many years.So has brumby culling.(Wild Horses).I didn't know it was related to the carbon tax they want to impose.

    It's on google news today. They're all crackers!

    Nope,not all of us.
    Could be all of the feral cat problem I saw on the Crocodile Hunter?

    Feral Cat Control in Australia - Convict Creations - Thinking ...
    In Australia, the feral cat inhabits the entire continent. It is also Tasmania ... birds were then hunted to extinction by the starving cats. To deal with the problem of ... - Cached

    Yes, I'm joking.

    I was going to say, I've never heard of that. Some stupid Indian, wanted to hear the sounds of India. So, he brought the Indian minor bird into Australia. They are a real pest. The push our native birds' eggs from nests. Now, we are taking action by exterminating them.

    It just sounds to me another country with too much PC I feel so sorry for these Poor Animals that are taking the brunt as usual

    Yes, that's tough when animals suffer or must be killed because of mans mistakes. There are so many cases of man bringing animals and plants that don't belong in certain areas, but quite a few of them was before we realized that it would become a problem.
    Are you just picking on camels because they are Muslems. I would have thought sheep are a bigger problem.

    No, the muslims are a bigger problem. They are a law unto themselves. The sheep are no problem, we eat them.

    I might add that the statement, something seriously wrong with the drinking water in Australia, was a joke. It meant that the water was making the polititians make wrong decisions. It's our Aussie humour.

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