What problems with the original document, or changes in society, led to later amendments?

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    I am assuming you mean the United States Constitution when referring to the "original document" and the Twenty-seven amendments that have been ratified since the original signing of the Constitution, the first ten of which are known collectively as the Bill of Rights. Most of them gave US citizens specific rights and privileges that the government could not take away. Most of these were not defined in the original constitution and our founding fathers did not want the government, especially the executive office, to become excessively powerful so they created these amendments which gave us and states unalienable rights that the government can not use against us or take away specific rights belonging to the States

    when the constitution was ratified, it was decided by the constitutional convention that there would be no ammendents added at that time. but, because so many of the signers wanted the first 10 ammenments, known as the bill of rights, to be added . thus , it was decided that the original constitution would have no ammendments at that time, but they were promised that they would be added later.

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