Where is Coach?

    I haven't seen him for a while. Does anybody know what happened to him? I hope he's doing well.

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    I've corresponded to him through e-mail. He's good but busy. Will share part of his e-mail (I'm sure he won't mind)

    " I'm just finishing up the school year over the next few weeks and then I'm working on a side business of mine over the summer so there's a lot to look forward to. "

    He'll be around when he can. I know he's also been spending time with his family :)

    Thanks for the update! I sure miss him!

    I miss him too. I use to chat with him almost daily.
    yes its been quite a while i do miss his imput..he always had a inteligent thought.. i also miss going to some ones profile to see when a user was last seen!!

    Yes, I miss the last login time on profile too!
    I like his straight talk, very to the point, I'm glad Colleen knew the answer. I've he hadn't been around lately. Thank you Colleen. And good question schubee!

    Straight and rational.
    Update...from Coach (I sent him an e-mail last night telling him he is missed here)

    "Thanks Col for the update. Don't worry my dear I'll stop by the forum soon. Last teacher day is June 21st. "
    Funny...I was just thinking about him the other day...good to know he is okay...thanks Colleen.

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