can we buy a house with no down payment?

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    I used to hear that you can buy it thru V.A. with no down payment. Maybe that's not true anymore. Or, you could buy a house on a land contract. That means renting to own.
    NO. Minimum 20% down, credit rating 715 or better, six months of mortgage payments in the bank. No got? Don't bother looking.
    You can lease option to buy. If you can find a willing seller, they can take a fixed amount of your rent for one to two years and put it towards your down payment of the house. The highest amount I've heard of going towards your deposit is 50%.

    This is a good way if you can find a highly motivated seller... Hope this helps?
    Yes, if you can find a desperate seller who will sell to you on a Contract for Deed with no money down.
    What country are you wanting to buy a house in? The worl is a big place and we do not know where you live.

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