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    Im not over weight alot im 12 stone, i really need to be ALOT smaller for the summer (as of 5 mounths) as my birthday and a holiday with my friends is coming up. Can somone give me ANY tips on how to loss weight fast !

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    Cut down on complex carbs (pasta, potatoes, breads etc...) and fats (sweets) while increasing lean protein (chicken, fish, lean beef etc...) and simple carbs like fruits and vegetables. This is basically the South Beach diet or Atkins Diet. Then limit your total caloric intake to under 2,500 cals. a day plus aerobic exercise 5 times/week for approximately 20 to 60 mins a workout. Check w/ Dr. before starting any new workout routine and start off slowly and build up your exercise duration over a period of time. Hope this helps and best of luck.

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