What age should you let your baby cry himself to sleep?

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    You should NOT let him cry himself to sleep unless ALL else fails. You should attend to all his needs ( and I'm sure you've been doing that ) Then, if he still cries, you should walk with him. If you get tired, then let the baby's father walk him for a awhile. Then , lay him down and put on baby music --like lullabys, in his room. He may not be that sleepy, b/c maybe he's taking too long a nap in the afternoon. Or, maybe you're putting him to bed too early
    That is really a personal dicission.. Some babies are rocked to sleep until they are 3 yrs old... some are put on a stict sched. right home from the hospital.. Becaful that your baby is not crying in physical distress, but other than that it is your call.. You are the mom.... Just so you know, I rocked mine. But if they got to hard to handle I put them in the crib for a few mins and walked away. Sometimes they would fall asleep but.. more often than not I rocked them.
    My wife both work Day shift, And with a little girl that does not like to sleep at night it was quite a challenge. We finally worked in shifts for her, I would take the first, I would stay up till 12 or 1 in the morning while the wife slept then if she would wake up after that my wife would take over. 11 months old now and things are much better, every now and then she will cram herself into a corner in the crib and can't get out but that just takes pulling her back into the center of the crib.
    I would not leave a crying baby alone to sleep, never. Let him play or read to him in his bed before sleep, or if nothing works, have him in your arms until he falls asleep.
    About 4-6 months old babies can make it through the night without needing to be fed. Babies need to learn how to put themselves to sleep or they won't be able to and you won't get any sleep either. I never took my little one into bed with me either. You know your baby and his/her cries. You know if there is something wrong. I say the sooner the better because babies need to learn what a bedtime is so you're not still fighting with them as toddlers.
    My son quit crying the third day he was home. I refused to let my wife feed him at three in the morning. Sounds cruel, maybe it was. I was just married, going to college, and working full time. I needed my rest.
    This practice is out-of-date and is not evidence-based.

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