BEWARE - obama care is coming 2014. Except for pelosi 's constituitents exemptions. Are you for it.

    Why does pelosi's homies get exemptions. Cause they dont want it.

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    The reason the courts found it unconstitutional is because it tells the American people they (must buy) it or be penalized. This violates our civil rights, the government cannot force the American public to make economic decisions, as of yet. If this does remain law, say goodbye to freedom as we've known it.


    I was just reading an article in the paper about this and, yes, two judges did find it unconstitutional, but a couple of judges found the opposite to be the case. Constitutional scholars seem to think that it's a 50-50 chance that the supreme court will rule it constitutional. I don't see how they can force us to purchase it, but the reasoning, as far as I can tell, is that by a large number of people not purchasing insurance it forces others to pay for their care through taxes. This is what enables them to use the commerce clause to require purchase because we are unfairly penalized by their decision not to buy.

    Once they rule this constitutional, there will be no limit on what the government will be able to impost on the pubic.

    All the courts will have to do is use this court case as a president to get other things forced down the American public's throats. The possibilities are endless...

    That's not necessarily true. For example, food, clothing and things like that don't affect other people whether you buy them or not. But, when a large number of people refuse to buy medical insurance it has a deletorious result for others through their taxes and this is where they bring in the commerce clause. Another example, car insurance, you only have to buy it if you intend to drive. If you take advantage of public transportation then it's no longer necessary.
    I never believed in this healthcare system, even before Obama care. Obama care makes it even worst. We have Pharmacutical companies and Insurance companies running our healthcare, making record profits. They decide what they want to cover and our precription drugs are almost double that of other countries that have National Healthcare. For Obama to say that we must buy these overinflated Insurace policies or pay a penalty is criminal. I know many single mothers w. children who cant afford Insurance, or people with low income. All I know that there needs to change in our heathcare system, but not the change that Obama has put into law. Nobody can afford that.
    Doctors can't make the proper choice for a patient now Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies do.
    I just had a brother-in-law who had a stroke at 80 and done so well at recovery the doctor sent him home without rehabilitation, his boys found out the doctor wanted him to have it but the insurance co. didn't.
    How and when did the insurance co. get so much power.

    I really think the big Insurance companys are bigger crooks than the Bankers

    Randy did you see my comment on the,"What are Piles question?"
    Obama care? No. A reform of the laws that govern health care opportunities (without all the garbage thrown in)? Yes.
    No, the role of government is not to manage someone's health.

    I think that something has to be done with health care. It can't be sustained the way it is. One problem is that people that don't have insurance can go to the emergency room and the hospital is required by law to help them, as they should. However, this gets very expensive, it's also the reason given for compulsory insurance. Logic says that if everyone has insurance then it will be cheaper. Being a centrist, I think that compromise is the answer, but given that both sides of the legislative isle are populated by a collection of numb-nuts ,I don't see that happening.
    It'll never come to fruition. Even the pieces of it now that are out there will disappear. No one will be able to afford it and they can't put the whole country in jail.
    Obama won't be here in 2014. Neither will his healthcare reform.
    i don't know what this is... guess I better look it up. thank you.

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