I cant orgasim

    Iv has a few partners and none of then have ever made me orgasim!!!, it feels nice yes. But i was it to get the point of no return and i just cant do it arhh HELPP!!!

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    I am assuming you are a chick... The most important thing for me is to get to the point I NEED to have him inside me... Don't just start out going at it. Get worked up. To the point you are going to over take him. Best of luck.

    I hope you mean orgasm. And when you have partners that have failed to help you reach your plateau, then you may want to succumb to toys that will enable you "go where no man has gone before". Best of luck.



    SENARIO: You are on the job. softly and with feeling say" Oh my darling you have no idea how great you make me feel" Then move your hand down to your clit saying "I want to feel you going in and out with my fingers" and stay there and stimulate yourself. He will love you for it particularly if you keep up the soft "Yes oh that feels great" routine.

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