Is it wrong to beleive just to be saved?

    I want to beleive in God and jesus and all that, If I beleive just to be saved can I still be saved? I would rather know the truth and know that jesus died for our sins, but I dont know that but I really would hate to be wrong and go to hell just becaues I dont beleive.

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    You didn't like my answers to you on your other question. You got nasty and rude with some of the the responders, to the point I had to remove some of your comments. You then removed your question completely and told me to get a hobby. Well, I have one. I moderate this forum. Like I told you before, if you don't want to hear opposing view points to your questions, if you don't want to hear what people have to say when your question insults them, do not post questions.
    I think it's not true. Become a Hindu or a Buddhist and you won't go to hell. You make your own heaven or hell on earth.

    Thats a great thought. Ive always beleived that man is his own god. but I would hate to go to hell just becaues Im wrong. but I will look into those religions also.

    That's your choice. I made mine and became a Hindu. I like their phillosophy. Buddhism is nice too, it came from Hinduism.

    By the way, I am not an Indian.

    Indian? I never said you were

    That's alright, some people think I am because most Hindus are Indian. Cheers!
    God's plan of saving you is for you to believe Jesus was raised from the dead. This is hard to do, unless God reveals Him to you. Ask God to do that, and then it will be easy for you to believe after that moment.

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