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    Im Over weight but not a lot but got some extra pounds that i would like to get ride of. What is a strong diet pill that will give me a quick fix. dieting just doesing work and i exercise a lot to ! HELP

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    Walk is your quick Fix. If you walk 2 miles everyday. Which is not a lot. You will loose weight. I am 75 pounds lighter because of walking. It also stops you from eating as much. The first week, just walk as far as you can. Have a radio on. It will help take your mind off of everything. Walking is the answer I promiss.. Take Control and Don't do the pills.. But you already knew that part! Enjoy...

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    I'v tryed walking running jogging ! everything that is why i am moving onto pills !


    How long is TRIED? It's taken me almost a year. Walk everyday. I promises you will loose weight. I walk 5 miles. But I started with a 1/2mile.. I was a size 24 and now I am at a 14.. You can do it.. Just walk for 20 mins each day for one week, then 30 the next then 40.. Make a game out of it.. Trust me when I say, when people come up to you and ask how did you loose the weight.. Diet pills for the answer will be empty. Drink more water as well.. These things help. I've been there. I know where you are at right now! Take the steps and WALK! :)


    GOOD FOR YOU! : )

    Lets just celebrate our insides for a change, forget about the outside shell.

    Diet pills are not your answer they are bad for your health and heart and really do not work anyway. I would say talk to your doctor.

    Walk like someone else said, and even when you are sitting down you can do butt crunches and things like that, it works very easily. And when you are walking, when you change speeds that you are walking all the time, you burn more calories, science fact! Give yourelf a year before resorting to pill nonsense!
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    Eat what you like. But drink as much water as you can throughout the day. Diets are all rubbish. Unless you eat the same for the rest of your life. The thing is that they are all just short term loss. Stick to the water my friend and enjoy the food you eat. So water before you eat, while you eat and after you eat. Try not to eat after 7pm. Diets are a 21 centry invention ask your grandmother if she did diets when they were young. The answer is probably no.

    Dont take diet pills just look at the fat content of everything you eat and don't eat anything over 8% per 100 grams

    Doctors these days are VERY hesitant about prescribing both "diet pills" (speed kills or say they say) and narcotic pain relievers (though there are many, many people who would benefit from them and have a much better quality of life). They are afraid you'll get "hooked". You'd probably have to know your family doctor for a number of years or put yourself in the hands of some quack!

    I'm in the same boat. . . I am a 45plus female w/ strong hormones (-my sis has 6 kids) I get very bloated the 2 weeks prior to "that time of the month". I tried hydroxycut for almost 4 weeks and didn't have much luck. Now I am trying Fastin -that's been about 2 weeks now and will give it 2 more weeks to be sure of any results. I am very careful always about my diet (home grown organic)and spend about 4 hours a week @ the gym. What I really don't understand is why physicians won't prescribe something that does actually work until they consider you morbidly obese. isn't easier to lose 20lbs before health crisis' pop up than 120lbs after.

    Take a few Dexedrine they are great speed

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