Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

    Am curious to know everyones' thoughts on this....I know Romney is being slammed simply because he is a Mormon...but...there have been quite a few presidents with different religious beliefs..I am more concerned with their stance...Romney's standings in poularity polls is on the increase...personally I'd go with Romney at this point in about you?

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    There's no way I'll vote for Obama, if the republicans put up porky pig I'll vote for him first.
    Good answers, I like Ron Paul's political views, he seems like a real public servant. The problem is once the politicians are getting close to the white house, the big corporations begin trying to buy them off....


    I am so tired of the same old reruns under different names. I don't understand why this country can't find someone, trustworthy, honest, and devoted, with a mind of his own. I don't care who he slept with in high school or if he's not perfect. None of us are. Unfortunately, it is just what you said Leeroy, when they get up that high they are strangled by big biz and everyone else. It stinks.

    True, how many people can refuse millions of dollars of support for their careers? I doubt that anyone could refuse the money offered by big business, once you take the money, you owe them (at least a few favors.)

    So the little gets the stick once they're voted into office on the guise that they are gonna help the little guy, like"Joe the Plumber." Remember that guy, what happened to him, he got screwed along with the rest of us little people.
    id go with any one that beats obama.. regardles of race , religion or color..there going to bash any one whatever religion... personally i like newt gingrich if he decides to run
    ole hipster

    Anybody who says that Obama is "dead", so to speak is my hero...hi daren1 are you my friend? (:

    doing alright a bit hot here though... maybe i should get out of the oven
    There is no sense in voting in the same parties. Both have put this country on the brink of bankruptcy and disaster. Ron Paul was an independent, but joined the Republican party to at least get into Congress. He'd be my choice.
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    you sound like a true Republican but I may be reading more into your answer than I each his own...hence your moniker of FreedomFighter I am sure! (:

    Libertarian, the party of the Founding Fathers.
    I would vote for a gold fish over Obama.
    I will support anyone who is running for the republicans. He or she cannot possibly do any worse.
    ole hipster

    Ah-h-h-h I see another Republican spoken from! (:
    There is no other Democrat running against Obama and that will give Repuplicans a good Chance. I watched Repuplican Debate in NH. last night on ABC. Michelle Bachman announced her Canditacy for President. I thought everyone did well, but Rommney, Ron Paul and Bachman were tops. It was a very respectful Debate. I think Herman Cain has good Potential. He is not afraid of anyone and he sticks to his guns. Speaking of Guns, he pointed it directly at Obama.
    I'll vote for anyone that has a chance of beating Obama. Won't throw my vote away for someone that is low in the polls. Leaning toward Romney at this time.

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