i a m in a hard place an I am reching out to everyone i know

    help my pain meds hev been stoolen and i cant find anyone to help me until i can get my refill. if you know anow about let me know

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    call your pharmacy they will call your dr and he should call you in enough to hold you over until refill.

    Go to the Dr. or emergency room & tell them what happened. They will know if you're on the up & up or scaming. If the story is true. They will for sure re-perscribe and you will be able to get your meds at the pharmacy. You are not the first person who has had meds stolen or lost. There is a way to have them replaced and this is the only legal way to go about it.

    I want to know

    Excellent answer! And encouraging.

    Watch out he might be a FED

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