Why Suddenly So Many Tornadoes?

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    i don't know

    I guess you have the best answer...Nobody knows. TU!!!
    gods judgement on mans sin matthew16:3 and in the morning it will be foulweather today,for the sky is red and threating
    More Storms, Tornadoes Could Hit SOUTH?
    As a person of Faith, shouldn't you simply chalk that up to God's will? There's a putative belief that there's a very, very warm place full of really, really bad people down there somewhere for those that don't.
    Maybe HARP has something to do with it? In the past the tornadoes would usually hit in unpopulated areas, now they are mostly hitting towns.

    Some people think that God's pissed at the country and we have lost His protection, I doubt this explanation, but I suppose you never know. We keep pushing God out of our schools, government, and every other area of our lives? I don't really think this is a possible explanation.
    It all goes back to Adam's sinning in the Garden of Eden.

    That could be true...the signs of time :-)
    Throughout the world the weather has been bad. If U live up north the winter of 2011 has seen a lot of snow. I live in San Diego and we have had quite more rain than we usually get. There have been earthquakes all over the planet. I guess it is God's wrath, IMAO.
    The tornado season is almost over. There were over 1000 sightings this season so far. Which is normal. It is unfortunate that our country suffered such human loss in this season.
    It's Bush's fault..
    During the afternoon of April 14, a possible significant tornado outbreak started setting up.

    A moderate risk of severe weather also existed for April 15. During the late-night hours into the morning of April 15, tornadic activity temporarily waned. However, by the late morning hours, supercell thunderstorms developed again over parts of Mississippi, and tornadoes began to touch down again.

    The next day, a moderate risk of severe weather was issued for April 16 for the Carolinas and southern Virginia as the cold front tracked eastward and a mesolow developed across the Appalachians.

    Tornado events of this magnitude are rare in North Carolina.
    Mother Nature is PO'd
    god angry

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