describe unsafe practice that may affect the well-being of individuals

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    anything that would threaten the personal safety of another person, that is physical,emotional or pyschological

    Still a good question, magenga!

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    I would imagine anything that would put the persons safety in harms way. If they were being transported and the driver was speeding, no seat belts. If the support worker was supposed to be watching them but isn't.
    I think the worst unsafe practice that put's many individuals lives on the line every day is distracted driving. People text when they drive, eat, talk on the phone, change cd's or the radio station, correct their children, drive when they are tired, and just don't pay attention like they should.

    This is extremely dangerous, I have seen so many drivers veering into other lanes, driving way to slow, or just not paying attention at all. It's an extremely dangerous practice, I hope the people that read this will be more careful when they drive. TMO
    Drinking and driving
    People with common contagious sicknesses like the common cold who show up to work and don't bother taking extra precautions like abstaining from hand shakes, washing hands after sneezing while manipulating common contact areas like computer keyboards, light switches, coffee pots etc.

    I really like your answer. I had the horrid flu not long ago and I abstained from coming to akaqa unless I wore my mask. No kidding, when I went to the Dr. the first thing I did was ask for a mask. I didn't want anybody to ever feel like I did. It was a virus and the doctor was pleased with me. I go around with my alcohol bottle and do door knobs, keyboards, all sorts of handles. The keyboard has more germs than the toilet seat. (Source: Pam on The Office. TV)
    Post a note about this subject. Do (or do not) sign your name.

    dwayne1716 - did you happen to learn that the hard way? LOL

    digger, I hated that especially when one of them would use my phone..ick..I always kept wipes to keep my area sanitized.

    uhh ahhh achew!
    Smoking, drinking and driving, cell phone use of any kind on the road, Sleepy driving, unprotected sex, talking to stangers on line... LOL

    Ummm Jen we know each other- Right?

    This question was asked a long time ago. It’s still a good answer.
    lying and cheating


    @juds - you condone lying and cheating ?
    Unsafe sex
    drugs at any above given times. especially while knife juggling! lol.
    how about walking down main st anytown usa with a uzi sub machine gun... that would certainly qualify as unsafe behavior...

    Yup for the person with the uzi!!!
    Eating too much ice-cream before an exam, it sure freezes your brain up :(

    At one time, I panicked before a big exam. I had anti-anxiety pills that I could take before the exam. What happened. I was about to go out the door and I realized I forgot if I had taken the pill or not.
    I did a lot of deep breathing that day.
    If I had taken two pills it would be dangerous. If I had taken no pills I could definitely have suffered brain freeze.
    I think this question is too vague. Is it within a workplace and if so what kind of work?

    health care

    Have fun with this mom and say something silly like the rest of these AKA dingbats like me.

    I think the question is good. The answers are great. Having fun is permitted too.

    Driving on the interstate daily.


    Driving anyplace is dangerous. Let’s go back to horses and buggies.

    I have seen people saying faults accusation,just so they can make them self feel elevated.There are many thing that can be unhealthy like eating disorder, or bad driving habit you acquire through other or not keeping up with over crowd traffic,like not readjusting in bad weather and so on..Saying thing that are not  nice.There an old saying,"if you got nothing nice to say, then it better that you say nothing" That my story and I'm sticking to it.


    facebook that nice. You stick to your story and only say what's nice & the rest of us big mouths will look out for you. LOL

    not washing hands esp. after using bathroom.



    rackless driving.

    supporting people with learning difficulties

    What???? I am dylexic.... Why do you think I am less worthy than you? What do you mean by support?

    I will support you for as long as I know you Jenn. I'll always have your back ;)

    magenga, I hope you worded your comment incorrectly, otherwise, in my opinion, you are the one with a learning difficulty. It's called inability to be compassionate of others.

    Jenn, I have dislexia-especially bad with #s I will support you!

    Jenn: I have Attention Deficit. I understand you and support you.

    Colleen sure gave a good answer.

    This has to be the most viewed question of all time at akaQA.  I think it's a very good question too.

    My answer:  Upsetting your spouse in public could be hazardous to your health and your spouse's.


    Hmmmmmm? Upsetting? Can you give an example?

    Example: talking down to your wife in public.

    Sex, Marriage and Children, what we love most can kill


    aint that the truth

    Can’t argue with that.

    Driving recklessly

    kissing your dog in the mouth.  a scientist from stanford i heard on radio said, that's how transfers of diseases from animals to humans might occur.  example aids, monkeys to humans he said.


    Gosh I should be a gonner by now.

    Not washing hands after using toilet.

    So many good answers ... Did anybody say Neglecting To Floss. 

    Messing around with another mans wife  , Thats good for starters


    Oh man, that's a finisher. Bang.

    Each and every individual has a responsibility towards another. Ignoring this can have a serious consequence on the person. For example, if a person is discriminated against for whatever reason, whereas a strong-hearted person might be able to cope, a weaker person can go to the extreme of even taking his or her own life.

    In a nutshell, any action that will cause pain to another can affect his or her well-being.

    describe unsafe practices thatmay effect thewell-beingof individuals


    A person not being patient is not good for your health and other

    sucking your thumb...'cause I know where that thumb has been- LOL


    Doolittle! I see you've been sitting on your thumb again. Not good for the health you know!specially sucking!!

    facebook...ssssshhhh I dont want people to know where my thumbs been!!!! LOL

    I`m guessing its in health and social care and a diploma question?

    Unsafe practice that puts your service user at risk could range from Infection control, food storage, protecting confidentiality or not carrying out the agreed tasks to a standard that caters to the individuals needs and personal preferences. 

    But the most obvious answer is Not carrying out moving and handling correctly. Waste disposing, Administering medication in the wrong way. Things that could cause harm to your service user.

    describe unsafe practice that may affect the well being of an individual

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