what is peace?

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    when a person feels happy n relax no matter how noisy is that place
    Lack of WAR.
    Freedom from quarrels and disagreement.
    the absence of evil
    “Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists.
    Herein lies the peace of God.”
    A Course in Miracles
    For anyone on an inward journey like me, these words resonated in my mind like a bell. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I had to read that book. Thousands joined those groups to study in the company of other readers. At the time, the book seemed crudely written in some respects because we would read along a melodious passage and then the bottom would seem to fall away and we would have to stop reading and consider what possibly should be there to complete the line. “You would think they would have gotten it right in editing!” some would say. But we would stubbornly trudge on and get back on track after due consideration until we hit another snag. The writers had no intention to lull our minds to sleep in a cozy chair. It’s purpose was to teach inner peace and that requires work.
    There are many answers for peace...I find it in prayer, walking along the beach or a quiet forest trail, sipping the first coffee of the day while everyone else sleeps, writing in my journal, I find peace in others gentle personalities,during a long hug and feeling the heart beat against your chest.Peace is always there if your willing to see it in many things.
    Stopping what you're doing and realizing that it is perfectly quiet all around you.
    Sometimes Peace for me can be as simple as all of my kids being home safely on a Friday night. Then other times I look into the eyes of all these young hero's fighting for our freedom and I feel selfish, I think: They deserve to come home alive and enjoy what peace means to them. I hope we all remember that these kids will never be the same. You can't experience what the have and done what they have done, and still be the innocent child that left home. God Bless them all.
    Peace for me is found in prayer. To sit on a nice chair with headphones on listening to Michael W Smith singing Healing Rain.

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