install decals on RV

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    Good decals go on easy but the trick is to keep them strait and large ones can be tricky.
    If you can get them done by an experienced person I think I would and ask to see some of there work.
    Also they should be covered by a clear coat of paint to keep them on for the life of the car.

    Hi Randy, I realize that this can be a tricky job replacing these decals. 2 of them are 54 inches long X 6 inches high, and the other two are 34 inches long X 4 inches high. I have 5 of each, so if I goof the first time I think I will search for a pro installer.
    Thanks for your input, I'll give it a try, and I'll let you know how I made out. I am putting these on my newly painted motorhome.

    Headless Man

    That may be easier than an auto, more flat space, good luck.
    Headless Man

    You might want to make some marks to go by, something that will wipe off.
    jackpack I'm not an expert at this but it seems reasonable to make sure the area is extremely clean, like washed, dried and maybe even use a little alcohol on a papertowel type clean. Then be sure to apply just a small portion of the decal at a time, because they can develop creases that won't come out unless you do a little at a time and use something flat to move the crease out (a ruler or straight end perhaps).

    It's kind of like Contac paper that you use on shelves etc. Looks like hell if you go too fast and don't get bubbles out as you go along.

    Good luck with this one.

    Laurie, I guess a little common sense and patience will help too. Thanks for your solution. I have 5 decals to install, to make the RV look new again. Thanks again for your input.

    Hope it goes well. Randy does have a point though about letting an expert do it.
    And your question is...?

    You do realize that if you install decals on your RV that you will never get them off!

    Laurie, I just had my RV repainted & all the decals were sanded and painted. The decals with the name of the RV were completely sanded off, so I bought new ones. Now I want to reapply them and I want to know the application process. Do you have any ideas on how to do this?

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