Being Bullied!!!!!!

    I am being bullied by a gang of 9 at my high school!!!! What can I do??
    Please help NOW.

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    i agree, you need to tell an adult right away. this can get severe and get get out of hand if you don't.

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    You should tell your parents, teachers, principal, law enforcement SOMEBODY!!!. this is a very serious matter and I'm glad you are speaking up. If possible see if it's a way maybe to get some kid of restraining order or something it's worth a try. Try to hang with some of your close friends. Maybe take up martial arts to learn to defend yourself. I had that problem when I was a teen and I started hanging close to friends and I learned the martial arts. Don't let them drive you away from getting your education, and please don't let them drive you to suicide or something, I've seen that happen also. Be CAREFUL and good luck.

    You need to tell your parents, teachers, principal and school counselors. This type behavior should never ever be tolerated in any way, fashion or form.

    tell your parent or guardian and learn self defense such as boxing or martial arts bullies are usually cowards and disappear when stood up to

    For a gang of nine people to bully just one is beyond pathetic. Definately tell somebody you trust, and don't let them bully you out of school (unless it becomes your only option). I wish you all the best.

    tell someone as soon as possible parent teacher.our niece told us this was happening to her it is not acceptable and you do not deserve this it needs to be wishes for positive outcome keep us posted.

    Maybe you should listen to all the good advice.Maybe talk to your local police department

    It is so cool that you asked the question of what you should do. I hope you reached out to an adult like everyone suggested. It took courage to ask your question & I hope the problem has been resolved. No one deserves to be bullied. It is harrassment & it is wrong! You don't deserve this treatment in High School or at any other time in your life.

    Do the bullies parents/guardians know about this? Perhaps an adult(s) should bring this to as many of the parents attention as possible. Definately get an adult(s) involved NOW.

    please tell your parents immediately

    It doesn't matter how "childish" this sounds, but you NEED to tell a parent, teacher, any adult. They WILL do anything in their power to help, because that's intolerable behavior. No one deserves that.

    Tell a parent like your mother of father

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