Ear wax removal.

    I am an adult who still needs ear tubes. The great thing about this is I don't get sick. However, when I have ear wax build up, they clog the tubes and I get sick.

    Is there a ear wax removal system that is made for people with tubes? Or is Debrox safe to use?

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    I do ear candles Im not sure if this would work with the tubes

    I remove my ear wax with a hairpin, I know, they don't recommend it, however you're an adult and can feel when you get in far enough and twist and remove. My dr. has said I had the cleanest ears he has seen. I have not had an ear infection in my adult life (63). However don't attempt this with someone close to you a bump by someone can cause problems.

    to be honest my daughter had mastoidectomy(removal of mastoid bone behind ear) from an infection....luckily she didnt have hearing prob. but ya when she had tubes she got ear wax that blocked it... but i wudnt recommend u using peroxide kind of meds which flush the ear to remove the wax ...but yes, u can visit the ENT and get it removed right away... without any chemical use...i think they dont allow use of peroxide with it may travel behind the ear...good luck...

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