There is no way to stop global warming

    Only the earth can stop it. People can stop polluting , which does contribute very little. The main source for global warming is the earth itself. The ocean floor is warming in the arctic ice cap , not all over, but in places.

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    Zorro, you are very young i would say or not completely informed.. There is nothing man can do to physically change the earth from its natural course through time... Nor is man responsible for the direction earth takes. It will probably take billions of years before this earth reaches a point where natural decomposition of out planet takes place, and it won't come from here on earth, it will come from the sun when its energy runs out.. Will we be responsible for that too? or is it george Bush's fault??

    I will not change you and your thinking because i don't have the billions of dollars that investors are paying out to market this nonsense to youngsters, the perfect audience, this will ensure that when today's children grow up, they will have been conditioned to keep the cash coming right into these global warming idiots pockets. 'train the young, condition them and they will be your slave for life'
    There is no such animal. It's all a big con to get people to pay more tax. They always say the scientist say that it's happening. The so-called scientists are: Accountants, Egineers, geologists etc. These people are not scientists. A real scientist a British Astro-physicist says there is no carbon harming the planet. There are many real scientists who say this. Go to : If anything the planet is cooling and ice caps are not melting. The sea could be warming due to underwater volcanoes. Go to:
    figure out how to stop the world from stopping and maybe you might have somthing.. until then..

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