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    I am now divorced and have been for 3 years, but my problem is 'him and me' are still living in the same home....separate rooms....but its so stressful. We both co-own the house and neither can sell without the others consent...and HE wont give his consent. Ok we are not youngsters and probably wont have another relationship, but hey I live in hope at the age of 59 that I will have some sort of a social/sex life eventually. The house will worth about £450,000 and if we move out of the area, it should be enough to purchase a place each...defo wouldn't be in London though where we are now. What does anybody suggest that I do. I have custody of two grandsons and have my daughter living with me too so will need a three bed place, he would only need a small home. neither of my children are his by the way. I need to get on with my life and this is verrrrry stressful.

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    Hi Thelma
    I have had a similar problem. I eventually moved out after 9 months as he became violent so i had no option. I am in rented now and having to take it to court so a judge can order him to sell up and split the profits. It's hard work but after 20 months i am making slow progress and my solicitor says even though it could be another 8 months before it's settled the wheels are in motion and i am closer than ever. You need to get some legal advice and get out of there asap for yours and the kids sanity.
    Good Luck. Mandy

    Thelma Langford

    ah thanks Mandy.................think thats what I will have to do then.....its just costs so bloody much for legal fees though doesn't it.....glad things going ok for you :-)

    At a loss to understand, in the Great Land Down Under, Australia to you, when a couple divorce there is a settlement within 12months of the degree absolute. You say you have been divorced for 3 years and to date no settlement, your laws must be a lot different from ours. A couple who are divorced must reach settlement or one party can apply to the Family Court for a order to this affect.
    Watch your solicitor is not just "milking the cow". We have a system of Legal Aid where you can get advice and the use of a solicitor at no cost or low cost, depending on your financial situation.
    Best of luck, can`t say I blame you for getting out of London I have a daughter in London and have visited her on 2 occasions. I love the English countryside but London,yuk.

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