why in Hollywood movies there are often bad guys who are "russians"?

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    Yes, and how many movies are there that take place in China with martial arts masters and kung fu champions.. and the white American kid saves the day. Movies are politics. Hollywood is a medium for political conditioning and antagonizing.

    Its actually because of the Cold War (between the US & Russia ) ,even they have settled their disputes they still are in war in a way it's just the US gov. don't say anything about it because they only tell the people what the people want to hear.

    I'm seeing more Arabs and the like as the bad guys.


    24 ?
    ed shank

    My wife is half Russian. The movies got it right, they can be the bad guy.

    No its the Russian Mob I think you are asking about They have a ruthless reputation and Hollywood remembers what a hit Scarface was.


    I was talkng i about the sapronoes and the like.... ppl down south (deep south USA), think that all italians are in the mob. LOL

    americans dont like russians
    americans are brainwashed so they belive that crap,
    americans do not know what its like to be free.

    Cold war crap.... Hollywoods pic a bad guy and runs with it. Look at American Italians they are all mobsters. (still)

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