What if you have a white discharge that's thick?

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    Lol...well if it's coming from the lower orifice...does it smell? If so yuk...see your doc, if it's coming from the upper orifice and you can't smell, go see your doctor.

    Too much information!! (LOL).See your Dr.would have done it for me.
    Could be Thrush,easily treated with over the counter creams,but get it checked with Doctor first.
    Depense on where the discharge is coming from. I assume you mean vaginal discharge. First I would like say it is time for you to visit the GYN. You have asked 2 questions and that are both best answred by a GYN. To answer this question it can be alot of things.. but it it does not smell it could just be natural lubrication. It is thicker and thinner at different times of the month. However it could also be a bacteria infection that can do serious damage to your reproductive system.
    And it's coming from where??
    Can you use it for paste?

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