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    My son who has aspergers got married to a filipono (cant spell it)he got married there .He met her 3weeks then asked her to marry him.He is Irish .They have no where to live here.He has a room but the house is crowded so they cant live here.She is waiting for Irish emmbasy to get in touch .I dont know if she is waiting for a visa.Has anyone done it ?Dont know what to expect

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    sounds like there in a very tough situation.they obviously need a place to live.. i would exactly hold my breath waiting for the embassys help.. does she have any family or friends to fall back on to help out.. i think his best bet is to stay in the overcrowded house no matter its still better than on the streets.. sorry i wish i could be of more help...

    I cant.I have another son with aspergers & he is not good with strangers.He needs his space.I think she cant come if the embassy dosnt give her a visa.We know nothing about her only what son told us & he has told me lies already.She could be ok but we dont know.I have to think of the rest of the family .There is 3 adult children who also live here.
    I see so many red flags in your statements I'm not sure how to answer. Does your son have a job and could he afford an apartment of their own? The fact he has lied about the situation also sends a red flag.
    How did he meet her? A future in the Philippines is so poor that very many people there will do most anything if given the opportunity to leave. I know many Filipinos and usually find them a very hard working people, but much of their income is sent home to help their families (it is their culture).
    I am from the USA but assume the immigration to Ireland is not much different. There is a process they must go through for her to get a visa, and it will probably take months. The embassy will not contact them, they have to do the paperwork. Best of luck to you as well as them.

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