can someone get a fine for speeding caught on camera even though there are no speed signs up any where on the road ?I am in dublin ireland

    husband is been given points and a fine even though there is no speed signs up said he was doing 60 in a 50 speed area.there was no signs we had driven aprox 5 miles .can he apeal it and if so to who

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    There are five different types of speed limits and different limits apply to different types of roads throughout the country. If you are coming to Ireland for the first time or you are learning to drive, it is important for you to be aware of the speed limit on the roads. Driving in excess of the speed limit will result in an on-the-spot fine of ?80 for speeding offences. You will also automatically receive 2 penalty points on your driving licence. Failure to pay your on-the-spot fine will result in an increased fine and possibly more penalty points.

    Town and city speed limits (50 km/h)

    A speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour is in place in built-up areas (other than motorways or special speed limit zones).

    National road speed limits (100 km/h)

    A speed limit of 100 kilometres per hour is in place on all national roads (including dual carriageways) throughout Ireland.

    Regional and local speed limits (80 km/h)

    A speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour is in place on all regional and local roads (sometimes referred to as non-national roads).

    Motorway speed limits (120 km/h)

    A speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour is in place on all motorways. You should note that learner drivers, vehicles under 50 cc, bicycles, pedestrians, animals and invalid carriages are not allowed on motorways in Ireland.

    Special speed limits (30 km/h or 60 km/h.)

    Special speed limits are sometimes applied to designated roads and zones (mainly, for example, on roads on the outside of built-up areas, around schools, etc.). Special speed limits are generally for 30 km/h or 60 km/h. Local authorities in Ireland have the power to introduce bye-laws to set special speed limits in designated areas.

    PAY THE FINE, it will save you a lot of heachace!

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