how do I stop a springer spaniel chewing coats when he is alone?

    My 6 year old male springer is very happy and bouncy, healthy and exercised. However if we leave him with our labrador and terrier in his bed, when we go out he attacks our coats which hang in the same room as his bed. He does not chew boots, his bed, or anything else in the room, he is not aggressive to us or the other dogs and he knows he has been very naughty when we return. He is not castrated.

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    Never give a dog anything to chew on that isn't a dog treat, toy or chewie. He doesn't know the difference between the good ones and the old ratty ones. He doesn't care either, once he is allowed to chew on something he will continue.

    You need to put the coats way far away where he can't get at them. He also needs to be taught "Leave It" and learn to respect your things that are not to be touched or chewed. If he does these things when you are gone, then you need to kennel him so that he stays safe and doesn't do naughty things while you are gone. Repremanding him after he has been bad doesn't do a thing, you must catch them in the act and then repremand him.

    Lastly, if there is no good reason for keeping him unneutered such as for breeding purposes, then get him neutered and hopefully he will behave better in the future.

    Remember, he could always bite off more than he can chew and swallow - he could choke to death and you wouldn't be there to help.

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