Can any one give me advice??

    If you have lost a home (forclosue) because your morgage was way more than your home was worth. How do you buy one again. becuse we filed chapter 13 and gave it back to the bank and trying to pay all of it back now we can't get a home because are credit is bad. But still work every day and try to make a living.. Where is the good to all that...

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    You are not alone in that boat my no means. I would suggest contacting your local HUD about home buying counseling and see what they say or what suggestions they have. May God bless you and keep you.

    Unfortunately your in the same predicament as many other American home owners. They bought high and if they sell their homes now they would owe MORE than its worth. Others have lost jobs because of the recession and can't make payments due to lack of any income. Hence foreclosure. I feel sorry for you and wish I had an answer that would make you feel good but the fact is that you need to move in with close relatives or friends until you can get back on your feet, pay off credit cards and reestablish credit. Its going to be a long haul. I wish you well.

    I am sorry for your hard times and encourage you to never give up. Chapter 13 lasts 7 to 10 years on your credit report. During that time you will be able to increase your credit rating and even purchase a new home with sound finances in order. Filing Chapter 13 now a days is not a death sentence as it was once looked upon. It is often now considered seen as a sound business decision. In most states you have the Home Stead Act which protects your home from repossession from the lender. I do not know what state or what circumstances led to you losing your home. It may take a few years of renting a home and saving a larger cash down payment but, in a few short years you and your family will be able to finance an affordable home of your own. Keep your faith and hope up b/c better times lay ahead.

    I LOVE YOU Alex

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