looking for a team leader manufacturing in bethel,vt

    Position Title : Team Leader Manufacturing " $ TOP PAY "( Hiring Now )
    ATTENTION : " $ TOP PAY "( Interviewing Now )

    Relocation : Yes

    Location : Bethel,VT

    Salary : Competitive (DOE)

    Company is recognized as a world leader and innovator in precision injection molding, tooling and contract
    manufacturing serving market leading companies across the globe.

    The Team Leader will oversee Production, Quality, and Safety on the shift. The Team leader will have four key
    areas of responsibility with respect to production: supervising, processing, materials, and mold setting. He or
    she must have the ability to efficiently set-up, start-up, and maintain 35 to 500 ton molding machines and
    associated auxiliary equipment while overseeing operations. The Team leader will also see that raw material is
    handled and processed correctly, and will ensure that employees are adequately supervised and have safe
    working condition.


    . A minimum of two years experience supervising a Production Team preferred. Must also be able to deal
    effectively and professionally with team members.
    . Demonstrated innovation and cost effectiveness with mold design.
    . Process capability, troubleshooting, SPC and robotics.
    . Excellent external/internal customer and presentation skills to all levels in customer's organizations. Able to
    effectively lead a cross-function/departmental internal team.
    . Strong multiple project management skills.
    . Able to thrive in a fast paced environment characterized by high growth.


    . 4 - 5 years' experience in processing engineering grade materials (resins, polyesters, nylons).
    . Proficient w/ Whitmann & Yushin Robots.
    . Proficient w/ Vision Systems.
    . Process control and SPC.
    . RJG Pressure Transducer Experience.
    . Scientific molding skills for machine set-ups/adjustments.
    . Leadership, motivation and coaching skills to develop self-directed Teams.
    . Computer and Blueprint reading skills a plus.
    . Associate degree in engineering or equivalent experience required.
    Bottom Line :

    1. 4 + years' experience in processing engineering grade materials (resins,polyesters, nylons).
    2. Proficient w/ Whitmann & Yushin Robots.
    3. Proficient w/ Vision Systems.
    4. Process control and SPC.
    5. RJG Pressure Transducer Experience.
    6. Scientific molding skills for machine set-ups/adjustments.
    7. Leadership experience.

    For consideration you must act now, send resume to

    Gerald Smith
    Executive Recruitment


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