How do you know if you are obese?

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    based on statistics, if you are 30% overweight from the 'norm' you are obese. If a few pounds overweight, you are 'heavy' or 'fat'.


    I prefer to be called "portly" thank you. :(

    There is a standardize medical chart based on your height, sex, and and age with a given range of what you should weigh. If you are 30% or more over the maximum weight given for your information, you are considered obese.
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    The best way to identify Obesity is calculating one's BMI(Body mass index) which is calculated by dividing weight by square height.
    If the result is larger than 30kg/(m^2)it means you're suffering from obesity.

    Hope this helps.


    Yes thanks.

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    Look in the mirror.
    Ask your sister.

    Just weigh & Measure yourself and you can work it out from the example

    Example:-Height 6ft. in Metres = 1.83mt. ( 1.83mt. Squared = 3.35 ) Weight = 82kg. Therefore 82 divided by 3.35 = BMI of 24.48

    Body Mass Index
    Less than 18 underweight
    18 - 24 Desirable weight
    25 - 29 Overweight
    30 - 40 Obese
    More than 40 Severely obese

    Simple way would be to go to your doctor and have him tell you what weight a person of your height should be. If you are larger than the average person of your height then you are obese.

    Good luck :)

    Can you wipe your ass with out having to squat and grunt?

    Can You Wipe your ass without squatting???? Actually it is all about you body BMI.

    look Ur body, your height and weights and evalue ur index

    Can you walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like you are going to pass out? Can you bend over and tie your shoe laces?


    Well those comments may have nothing to do with obesity, overweight people can have no trouble walking up stairs and vice-versa

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