if what Weiner did is wrong what about what R. Maddow is doing is that wrong. Homosexuality

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    Dude, you really need to go educate yourself. Weiner is a married man and a father and he was posting photos of himself to women he did not know or had met once and decided to cyber stalk them with lude photos of his body including lude comments under at least one photo, that has been produced and reported on. Rachel is a lesbian but is not out cyber stalking people and cheating on her partner. How Rachel lives is not wrong. How you think, is. There is nothing similar between Weiner or Rachel. One's a man, one's a woman. One is straight and one is gay. You tagged this ridiculous question homosexuality when you should have tagged it, question posted by a nitwit.

    Thumbs down on your bit of garbage.
    Rachel Maddow is a highly intelligent, well educated person.
    Maybe it is time to stop gay bashing and learn to accept that gay people do not make the decision to be gay, they are born that way.
    God has a plan for them. Our job is not to play God and judge others.
    What did Rachel Maddow do wrong?

    She's a lesbian. That's why he's equating her to a perverted man.

    Rachel Maddow is cool and witty!

    I tried to watch her once. She kind of annoyed me. I know tons of people love her though.

    Try again, she may rub off on you :-)
    Weiner dragged his pecker through the internet, and your going to compare that with a person who is gay? What similarities do you see between the two?

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