Have you a friend to turn to if you had a serious problem?

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    To me, a friend is someone I can trust and depend on if the need be. If I am someone's friend I strive to be someone they can trust and depend on. All others are acquaintances, who I can be friendly and congenial with...but minimize their access to my life. For me, life is simpler like this, and doesn't preclude an acquaintance from eventually becoming a friend, but more clarifies what I envision a friend should actually be. The nature of the person is important to me, in order for that person to become a friend. I say this, as everyone can be nice when things are going good...but, the test of friendship is finding who stands beside you when things are not so good. But also, when I hear someone talk badly about someone else simply for the sake of running someone down...I wonder when it will be my turn when I'm not there. I believe strongly in the old adage of, "If you can't say something nice about someone, maybe it's best if you don't say anything at all." I believe that says volumes about a person's character.
    My first friend is God. My question is about friends on Earth. I have a few good friends but there is one whom I can trust no mater what I tell them. This has been tested many times and they have never let me down.
    Nope no one.
    Yes I have daughters and a son who I would trust with my life and know they would back me to the hilt no matter what.
    I also have a neice that would everything in her power to help in any circumstance.
    Jack Daniels


    The problem with that is you glass can be half

    Good one! :)

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