How long will it take for a body to decompose in an airconditioned home?

    Elderly person is afraid of dieing and not being found before there is an odor

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    Tell the elderly person to get life alert. Have them set up daily phone calls with her to make sure she answers. If she does not answer, they will send the police and ambulance.

    She has life alert. If she should die in her sleep.

    Then make sure she has them call daily just to check up on her.
    What about her family? They schould call her at least twice a day.
    Sometimes neighbors or friends could check up on her every day.
    Life alert is great too. At least she does not feel totally alone. I used to call my neighbur who was elderly and living alone every morning and evening and went to her home at least once a day to see if she needed anything.Thats the least we can do.
    Has this person not Family/friends who can look in at least once a day "they could make a rota" also there is a beeb that is hung round the neck and the person just presses this and it will alert the correct people to come in, also there is a box outside near the door which they can access with a code to enter the premises,
    back to your question if there is aircon in the house yes the body would last abit longer but it should be fridge temp I doubt that would be comftorable for anyone so yes the body would start to compose quite quick even with aircon good luck and thanks for being so caring in aged person mel
    good question. great answers!

     Are you kiddiing me?   You are dead why worry? Or are you actually planning something ?

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