my husband is 16 years older than me and he is not a pervert.what do you think.

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    Is this the day for these types of questions? What the heck?

    If you're of legal age and he's not a perv, why do you care what others think?

    My sister's husband is fourteen years younger that she is. So what? He's a great husband and she'll never have to go on the aged pension.
    Ithink that is between you and him.
    As long as you are happy then who cares. Problems arise only if you let them. If it is a strong relationship with trust and understanding then good luck to you, ignore other peoples comments.
    it dosent matter what we think its what you think,my dad was twelve years older than my mom . its really not uncommon at all.
    I think it's great that you two are must have some things in common besides the age difference...the father of my eldest daughter was 14 years older than I and it did not matter...we had differences not related to age that split us current significant other of 15+ years is ten years younger than I and I'm neither a perv or a cradle robber or a cougar for that matter....merely fell in love and it works...we don't even notice the age difference as we both grew up in the same neighborhoods here in Chicago and have a lot in common there of course! Just be happy...ignore what others say or think out loud about the difference in your ages! (:

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