Should Congressman Weiner resign?

    Weiner admitted sending "lewd" photos and sexual comments to women who contacted him on Facebook. He said he won't step down, should he?

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    Yes he should, where is his dignity or pride, a respectable person once involved in such a media circus should want to remove himself from public office, he said he is embarrassed.

    That brings up my next point, public officials are held to different standards than a regular citizen. Apparently he doesn't think this is a big enough reason to resign. I know he hasn't broken any terms of his office, or laws, but does that make it o.k. to do whatever you want and have no accountability?

    I understand that people make mistakes, but when your a public figure it makes a difference on how careful you must be. There is honor in being a member of congress, senate, or just being a public servant. People look up to you and vote for you, I just know if it were me I would resign.

    Oh, and one last thing, in his statement he said he sent the pictures as a joke... He's still not telling the truth. How many people send naked pictures of themselves as jokes, are we really that stupid.

    leeroy: i couldn't have said this as well as you have but i want to tell you that i agree 100%. i wish i had more thumbs to thumbs up. good saying. congratulations. yay!
    oh oh ... i don't think the thumb went up! let me know.

    Yes it did work thanks. I wonder what ever happened to respect and honor with politicians, that used to be a platform for many of them to run on. Honest Abe Lincoln, etc., I suppose it's almost a thing of the past.

    Were stupidity such a flaw, should any remain in Washington?

    Leeroy, you the man ! Well said it. I am with you 110% and all counts. You brought a good point. Honest politician is a thing from the past. No more. TU to you for an excellent answer.

    Thank you!

    He resigned :)
    Obama ramped up pressure on Weiner to resign on June 14, telling NBC News: "He's embarrassed his wife and his family. ... If it was me, I would resign."

    Yeah, me too... Thanks for the update.
    absolutly.. its funny i just saw this on the news just minutes ago.. what happened to our absolutes , our morals our country? i guess if every politation with inferior values steps down our halls of justice would be empty.........
    Weiner has done this for 3 yrs. He has let the people down that voted for him and caused pain and embarresment for his wife. I think he schould resign.
    Why should Congressman Weiner resign, he didn't violate any laws or rules of the House. What Congressman Weiner is guilty for is lying about sending sexually explicit images to women online.

    Can Congressman Weiner salvage his career after this? Who knows only time will tell.

    Rep. Weiner is not the only liar and pervert in Congress, and he will not be the last.

    ed shank

    Your right he broke no laws, but would you vote for him? Can anyone ever believe this man again? If he had a shred of honor in him he would resign. He's a typical power hungry politician.

    The problem is he got CAUGHT! Everyone knows who he is now. I understand no one is perfect and almost all politicians are liars and cheaters. But when you make a mistake, you have to take the consequences especially for someone in public service. He is not a man in your neighborhood, but a Congressman who should be a role model to the people.

    @ed shank - The past cannot be changed. Because Rep. Weiner lied, is he worthy to be trusted again? Do you know anyone that never has lied? We all are guilty of something we wish we can take back!!!

    When you sin, you are not automatically forgiven. You have to admit it and take the responsibility. I'm not saying he can never come back to politics. He needs to show us what you need to do when you make a mistake.

    My response was for ed, but your comment went before mine!

    It's cool, Pam! ;-)
    ed shank

    @Pam. No one is perfect, this man ran for a position of trust for his constituency and obviously failed. Is he not the only politician that has fallen from grace? I have lied, we all have. But I serve no peoples that rely on my character to represent them. Sorry "Sugar" your wrong on this one.

    @ed - I'm not upholding his wrong doing and I'm not giving him a pass. I expect from all our political leaders to be honest, and to have good moral and values.

    Even though Congressman Weiner lied, I don't think if was not detrimental enough for a resignation.
    ed shank

    I beg to differ. It goes back to character. Forgive, maybe. Forget, never.

    Alright, friend :-)
    Oh yes, I could not believe when I read that he would not resign. What is he thinking? He has an ethical dilemma. He is as stupid as he sent his naked pictures to women. He must go!

    I agree with you he was stupid for sending nude pictures to other women
    He is such an eloquent liar, hate to see him leave. But he should resign. Any bets on when the wife will leave him? I'm saying two weeks.

    they useally hang in just long enough till the media steps aside

    We've seen many doing the same thing trying to separate things between profession and private matter. Not going to work!
    ed shank

    Time for the wife to bolt.

    Huma is not leaving!
    ed shank

    I just found out she's pregnant. I would love to be a fly on the wall, and hear what this shitstain is going to say to persuade her to stay. Can't be much dignity on her end either.
    Everyone relax, he has resigned.


    Apparently Obama feels the same way about casting a stone.
    Obama ramped up pressure on Weiner to resign on June 14, telling NBC News: "He's embarrassed his wife and his family. ... If it was me, I would resign."
    Look I know he didn't brake any laws, but our elected officials should be respectable, honest people, what kind of message are we sending our children when we just do nothing?

    I'll tell you, it's ok to lie, cheat on your wife and do whatever you want, once you have the power to do so the rules don't apply to you.
    People voted for obama, so moral character isnt necessary for a political candidate anymore.
    I have to agree daren, but i hope he stays in to see how other democrats accept this. He can only be a thorn. Only a fool would accept him.
    If he doesn't stand down let the next election decide. People voted him in, lets see how his district feels bout him now..
    Congressman Weiner quits in lewd photo scandal
    Obama ramped up pressure on Weiner to resign on June 14, telling NBC News: "He's embarrassed his wife and his family. ... If it was me, I would resign."
    HE HAS!
    Yes, along with about half of the other scumbags in congress.
    Yes, He is only appologizing cause he can't lie any more, We need to clean up our government and get morals and old fasion values back where they belong, in God we trust.

    when i see a picture of him all i can think of is know. it's not a pretty picture.
    Keep up people he has , sorry it is still yesterday over there so he will tomorrow.

    HA! I posted that he had 5 hours before you posted this! You keep up Aussie!! LOL

    Yes but you cheat by not sleeping.xx

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