what do you think about cremation vs being embalmed and buried ?

    ....and the reasons why you prefer one over the other ?

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    I've always said cremation. Mix me in some paint then paint me on the bedroom ceiling so I can keep an eye on the wife LOL... Really just spread me on one of the fields
    No difference to me God can put me back together when I rise to meet Him.
    I've never given it sufficient thought. I need to do so and inform my family of my wishes. Then again, I won't be able to complain if they don't comply.
    Cremation for me. Then my ashes spread on the beach where I walk my dog.

    Why cremation? takes no land space in my case, and there is no need for anyone to come and "visit" me.

    When I am gone I want to be "gone"
    I have a small poem that I wrote for my service. It ends with,

    The curtain will close, the bugle will play,
    No tears now, I don`t want it that way.
    I want you to smile and I want you to say,
    "I gave him a wave as I walked away."
    What logical sense does it make to try and preserve a body once it is dead? Either way turns to "dust", sooner or later.
    Cremation. It's cheaper and uses no land space.
    cogito ergo sum

    good answer
    Roasted until tinder over a wood fueled fire and fed to zoo animals would be nice.

    Ocean burial at sea to a swarm of frantic sharks drawn by blood to the area...sounds fun. A memorable event, have friends and family bring cameras and champaign as a send-off…and fireworks after the sun sets.

    Feed the body to lions and bears at a zoo.

    Drop the frozen carcass from an airplane over a battle field to demoralize the opposing forces dressed in their garb.
    What ever make my death easier on my loved one.. They can do what they like.
    I think the Towers of Silence method has a lot going for it. This is used in the Parsee communities in India and is derived from Zoroastrian tradition. Bodies are placed on a tower and are devoured by vultures- a clean and ecologically sound method.
    Unfortunately the numbers of vultures has declined dramatically probably owing to the use of toxic pesticides.

    that's GROSS !
    Problem with cremation is that it uses fossil fuels.
    I would rather be composted and returned to the earth. Is this possible?

    No offense but I wouldn't want to take a bite of my summer garden tomatoes thinking they were possibly fertilized by nomdeplume's decomposed corpse.

    You may be correct Digger, my living body is quite revolting.
    not only being cheaper, when my spouse passed, i didnt like the thoughts of maybe moving to another city, etc. so creamated they were. if i go they do too.

    my late husb wasn't even buried in my state. He was interned in a mausoleum in another state, b/c he wanted to be near where his family members are and so his daughter could come and visit his crypt---which she prob will this Father's day
    You'd definitely look better embalmed. After one year of burial, you'd look pretty gross. If you're cremated, you'd look the same as everyone else, who was cremated. So, let's all be equal and be cremated!
    Cremation is the way to go for me,dust to dust, that all we are,beside why contaminate other ground isn't there enough pollution? Next time you get dust in your eye,wont you think of me?
    Cremation, I do not need to take up space in a cemetary.
    When I am gone, I want to be gone.

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