when installing update error occured "msiexec.exe/qn/X

    I keep getting an error when trying to download update

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    This type of problem usually indicates that the Java Platform Runtime Environment (JRE) for the InstallShield component of the Microsoft Window Installer has been corrupted. This may occur if you 'downloaded' the QB Pro program and your antivirus software was running and misinterpreted some portion of the download as a 'virus', or if you installed from disk, the same result occured if your antivirus software was on. An alternative cause may have been a pre-existing corruption in the InstallShield/Windows Installer platform.

    Try uninstalling the QB Program from the windows add/remove programs list, if you installed from disk, or delete the 'download' if you downloaded the software. Run windows updates to insure that you have the most uptodate version of windows and its related components including windows installer/install shield. Also make sure JAVA is uptodate on your computer.

    Then redownload and/or reinstall with the antivirus software off and see if this resolves the issue.

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