Why is my male pom (5 mo old) peeing on my family?

    Khoda pees on everyone but me. He ask to get in thier lap and pees on them... Why?

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    He is claiming them as his property. Have you had him neutered yet? That might help. If he already is, you need to not let him on your laps - at least until he gets older.

    THANK YOU!!!! We are getting both of the poms (bro and sis) fixed at the same time... She only weights 2.3 lbs... Vet is waiting untill she is 3 lbs.. She is being extremely cautious... She killed my late pom... And is as devistated as we are... Sookie had an allergy to a medication she gave her. I appriciate her being so careful... But it is putting us behind sched. on fixing them.

    OK, now I understand. Little dogs are so much harder to deal with than big dogs. Khoda is evidentally a very dominant dog, he wants to be the boss and this is one way of showing it. Also, (and be glad he's not doing this yet) males will hump other dogs and people. This has nothing to do with sex, it's all about them thinking they are the boss of the dog or person they are humping. He's too young for that thank God!

    Ah jenn I am so sorry to hear about this, ask the vet to do a test for the anisetic I have all this done with my Animals my heart goes to you x mel
    yep 6dogs has said all you are his possession and yes get him down to vet this resolve all good luck mel
    poor you! i think he is marking his territory, but is getting the wrong ideas. try punishing him every time he does it (e.g put him in a cage) and he will soon learn his leson
    hope i helped,
    courtneey !! xx

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