Update on the kittens....

    They are 6 weeks old.. Tabby has a new home... and Chubby is up for adoption. It has been fun get to know them.. I think momma cat (Misfit) is going to really miss these little ones.We can get Misfit fixed in a couple of weeks.. No more accidents. Before I get hate mail on not spayeding my cat ... We took her in when we found her to get fixed, she was too small.. I brought her to get fixed at the annual spay and neuture ASPCA event but they didnt have any appt left. We took her back to the vet and she was preg.. I couldnt terminate the preg. Lots of Love.

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    Hope good homes are on the horizon. You will do the right thing and have her situation "taken care of" no doubt. Too bad she was already pregnant, but I doubt I could have any different than you did. Good luck.

    We are interviewing poticial parents.. I cant give them to someone who is not equipt to raise a cat for its lifetime... It is a 15 to 20 year commitment. I dont think ppl really think of that when they see a cute little ball of fur. We have taken Misfit in for evaluation. The vet wants to wait for her milk to "dry up" before surgery. But she is going to be fine.. She is a good kitty. And a wonderful momma.

    I like your comment Jenn, on the cats life time you are so right that it is a commitment for 15/20 years theres a woman who keeps getting kittens and puppys and then she is selling them on E-Bay I get so annoyed she is as thick as a plank I dont talk to her now as she is a waste of space anyway less of my moans and good luck with your second pregnacy I be they are adorable

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