Bit of a long question this -

    Is it possible for someone with Epilepsy to sense when someone is going to have a seizure? Reply WDYM (What do you mean?) and I'll explain more...

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    WDYM... I have epilepsy... Partial Focal Seizures.. I have never had the experience of predicting someone elses seizure.

    That's always a good thing to the rest of us to know Jenn.

    6dogs I may be having a blonde moment ... but I have no idea what you mean.
    It's in the realm of possibility. If you have them, why wouldn't you not be able to see the symptoms coming to someone else.
    I don't know about people sensing another is about to have a seizure but I do have a friend who's Golden Retriever knows prior to her having one. This dog is a sertified seizure dog and allowed anywhere she goes. He stays in the hospital with her just like family.
    I do have epilepsy and it happened to me!
    I heard a 'voice' in my head say 'Someone's having a fit"
    On the way home my wife suddely pulled the car over and said "Don't get out of the car - there's someone having a fit" - the very same thing!

    It's handy having someone who's a trained first aider!

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