do we give children enough responsibility?

    do children now have more responsibilities then 50 years ago?

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    probally varies from one culture to another..i would think 50 years ago kids definatly had more responsibilities. perhaps americas teen obeseity rate is at an all time high!
    Nada. Kids now only want to sit in front of the computer and play games. I still don't see too many kids out in the yard helping Mom and Dad mow the grass, wash the car, sweep the steps, shovel snow. Don't tell me they're in the house washing dishes or the floors, doing laundry etc. because I don't see them doing that either.

    Sorry, there probably are a few who have parents that make them earn their allowance, but for the most part - no I don't think most kids have to do chores and help out.

    If they do, I bet your can hear them in the next county, yelling about abusive parents.
    Yes, I do. My wife and I raise our kids for them to learn about discipline and responsibility. And it's not that hard. You need to start it from young ages, 3 or 4. Children take what's presented in front of them. It is parents responsibility how and where to guide them. Of course, we don't forget to reward them later. ;-)
    How old are we talking here?
    I don't think so, although i do feel that they have different attitudes, beliefs, opinions, etc. which can be a good thing.
    Children should be children and enjoy it while they can.
    In the west they have fewer generally, but in many places they have too much!

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