is it legal for landlord to try to evict tenant if only two weeks late with rent

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    A landlord wouldn't evict a good Tenant if this was a first time offence. How often have you been late with payment? What other issues does the landlord have with you?
    ed shank

    I own rental properties, and I would not evict anyone for an "occasional" late rent. However, I would evict if it became a routine. I screen all of my tenants prior to signing a lease, work history, debts owed, and criminal background.
    In my state a notice is given to the tenant who is late on the rent, this notice gives him 7 days to come up with the rent. If no rent is paid on the 7th day, another notice gives him 7 days to quit the premises (move out).

    If there is a lease in place, usually when a tenant is late on the rent a total of three times during the term of the lease, then the landlord has the right to evict the tenant.
    Do you have a lease agreement? Something in writing? Without a signed lease, the landlord can do whatever he/she wants as far as eviction. If you can't make it out in 2 weeks, stay and force your landlord to take the matter to court.
    It depends on where this is as laws vary from country to country, from locale to locale.
    Where abouts do you live ?

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