how do you know when you are in love???

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    I think you're in love c-dawg, as a matter of fact, I know you're in love lol

    hahaha :)

    Enjoy every moment of it. It's the best feeling in the world ;)

    I guess I should add for those who love unattainable people, it's the best feeling as long as the feeling is mutual to the other party.
    You know you are in love when your face hurts because you can't wipe that smile off of it.
    You will know your in Love when there is, an itching in you heart that you cant scratch. you cant eat, and cant sleep. etc. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    When you put the other person thoughts ,feelings and desires before your own.
    Its sort of like have a itch you can't scratch but its a good itch
    Believe me you will know!
    When your heart feels like exploding.... when you have sleepless nights......when your mum calls you and you don't hear her.... when she comes in the room and says 'what da F''' rong wif ya' and you just daze in space.....when the teacher sees you and thinks 'aghh(stop smiling)' and you don't even notice i need to continue? my fingers hurt :(

    When you prefer her over ice cream? ;)

    Ooo0 , wait , that'd a bit of a hard question, i need time to think, ummmm, maybe, no, no , Colleen !!! Can't i have both ??? :( do i have to choose :(
    you're in the grocery store and the canned music plays. you hear every single lyric and it's like the songs are all about him or her.
    in love ... hmmmm .... everything the other says or does is perfection.
    they lOOk soooo good.
    their voice is heaven.
    they smell ... mmmm .... mmmm .... so good. sometimes like strawberry shampoo.
    their lips are sweet ... not sugar ... but another sweet .... hmmmm .... not roast beef. (i dunno)
    the touch of their hand on your hand. whoop!
    you sit across from them and your arms just barely touch .. the hair on your arms touch and you melt into a pool of butterscotch pudding.

    so colleen knows you're in love c-dog. she knows stuff so i wouldn't be surprised.
    You know by the constant pitter patter of your heart beating faster and a sort of quesy(sp?)(but nice quesy!) feeling in the pit of your's a great feeling....really you just kind of know!
    Congratulations on you being in love!... Oh, how much I miss the feelings of furious, passionate love I had in my young years!

    you can tell by the lump in your trousere


    Does a man hv to be in love to have a lump in his trousers,for alot of males, just bit of female flesh, boobs, or short skirt, and up pops the weasel.
    You will know it if it is real love.
    i know when i am in love is when i go bannus
    WHEN YOUR IN LOVE: Are you only thinking of Him/Her? LOVE
    Do say the wrong thing around Him/Her? LOVE

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