whats the best thing to do for your gf when she is on her period???

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    Be understanding, if possible. (I mean that we can sometimes hardly understand ourselves...might be harder for others;P!) PMS is likely even worse than the actual period, but if she is feeling sick or has cramps the best thing is to try to be sympathetic! It's really not a fun thing to go through!
    Leave her alone.
    how about flowers chocolates and a nice massage and treat her as if she is the queen of the world does that work ??? and at the very end look at her in the eyes and tell her you love her

    That would be extra great!! I think that if you treat her like that you will have her eating out of your hands! I sure hope she appreciates you and treats you like a king when you have sore shoulders, or are sick!! You sound like a sweety!

    This depends on how bad her cramps are. Mine were so bad, I didn't want anyone touching me and I'd just curl up in a ball and wish for death. Hopefully hers are not so bad. Otherwise, just hide until they are gone. Most important, accept the mood swings and know that anything negative she might say to you does not come from a realm of reality.

    i am :) shes the prettiest girl ive ever seen so i treat her how she deserves to be treated i make sure every day i make her smile at least one time :) big smile hahaha cool thing about her she thinks my lisp is cute :)

    Aw... you sound so in love!

    You sound like a great partner. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll have a gf who worships you too ;)

    i dont love her yet im just a very nice guy hahaha im 16 and well i post things like this so that maybe i can help someone out somewhere with injo like this and well on our next date which would be to the beach id go on a walk with her then hold her in my arms look into her eyes and say to her "i love you " :) well actually i guess i do love her haha :D

    Sure is sounding like it to me, but you are still quite young, so keep on being sensible!!

    ya i know :)
    colleen if my gf cramps were that bad i would make her a nice bubble bath and make her a cup of tea when her cramps start hurting really bad i will hold her hand and i will be with her the whole time :) id also grab a blanket and watch movies together with her :D

    Oh no! No heat! That makes them worse! At least for me it did! Trust me, if her's were that bad, she'd be on heavy pain meds and sleeping them off for hours. I use to pass out or vomit because the pain was so bad and so intense. I got a hysterectomy. Problem solved :)

    holy Sh*****t thats scary im glad to hear your better well hopefully something like that doesnt happen to my gf

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