What do you think about time-travel?

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    I think if time travel was ever a reality, it could only work to travel to the past. The past is non changing and set in stone. The future is ever changing, each second that passes, the future has changed. There's no way one could travel to what they could expect to be the future when it could shift and change at any fraction of a moment.

    I suppose if you travelled to the future, you could possibly change it. Nothing's impossible.

    But what if it's just one swirling mess of constant change? How can you change what only remains for a split second or less?

    True. But, then, people in the past said we could not fly.

    We still don't have this 'fly' thing figured out.. Still too many aircraft falling out of the sky.. But we have a pretty good grip on it for now.. :)
    ..back in time or foward in time would be another great aspect of time travelling, i prefere to go foward, the history books have already been written.. time to make tomorrows news..warp speed, scotty.

    I'd like to do that too. Let me know when you have invented it?

    History was written by the winners only, what if the losers got a hold of the pen? I'd like to go back to see what REALLY happened,,,

    I've always wanted to bring someone up from the past and show them what we are now...

    Ok…Time travel…yes it is possible because the only time that is, is now, That is not a contradiction of terms, Time is a sequence of events that is recognized as the rotation of the earth from dawn to dusk. Then seasonal variations were notices and there about we discovered the fact that at the same time each day there is a slight change in the height of the sun above or below where it was the previous day and the pattern that was produced by this turned out to be a figure eight pattern…aka infinity symbol. Something else to worship. Going on with this line of discovery the significance of the ticking clock and rocket ship all have their origin. But now we see that perhaps there is a greater adventure that goes beyond the ticking of our clocks in describing the way that moments pass slowly occasionally and more quickly on other occasions. It is as if the passage of events are stretched or compressed. Our curiosity leads us to lean into the issue and attempt to explain what this is about. SiFi blows the field away along with Einstein’s relativity and a deluge of time/space fantasies. If we really seek to know more about time you are going to have to disregard what you have been told time is and what you think it is and discover it on your own in those still moments where all that is waits to remind you of all that is. Time is a distraction from that.
    ….and then there was the time I traveled to Rio to attend my ….oh you were talking about a space ship or something…OH! I know now what it is you are talking about …it does take less time to travel these days by air than by train…What are you talking about?

    Travelling in time. I'd send you to the past to evolve.

    Thank you, Denver Colorado May 24th 1872 please.

    Bring me back a present Robert!!! :D

    That would be a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for two coming right up.Did you see the significance?

    No, I did't. I know the date means something but I do not know what. Was that when Reeses peanut butter cups were introduced?

    That’s the day and place it was first announced to the press.

    Wow, I had no idea they had been around that long. Can you make sure you bring me back a fresh one? LOL
    In a sense, we already have time travel with video and still photography. But in the sense that you are presenting it, you can think Einstein.

    Nobody knows the answer to this, we can only speculate. I do think its fair to assume that if time travel would ever exist (going into the past) it would be a 'hands off' like an amusement ride, just looking.. Backwards causation.. 'Effects precede their causes' .. This is impossible, even in the future. It would create a terrible paradox. (this one you need to think about to get the meaning, basically it means change one thing, it contradicts with another thing and it grows to out of proportion.. What a mess that would cause, you probably won't even be here now if someone in the future disturbed one leaf on a tree.

    I do have a theory though, it coincides with all these UFO sightings.. What if! just what if, 1000 + years in the future, it is discovered that there is a way to travel to the past, just like I said before, an 'amusement ride'.. People could say they want to go back to a certain point in time.. they get on that saucer thingie press a few buttons and year 2011 here we are..

    I do not thing 'time travel to the future' is even feasible as it hasn't happened. The past is more manageable as the visuals you see now are reflections of light, this light never dies, it scatters. Modern photography captures this light and stores it, perhaps in the future, we will be able to 'decode this light and play it back. even be part of it..

    I always thought that some of those UFOs could be from the future. I think that everything is happening at the same time, the past, the present and the future.

    YES! And all these years we been looking at the possibility of them coming from another place is space when in fact, they are us from the future! But then that also contradicts my other statement that the future has not happened so we can't go there.. This is a very complex question.. Either way you look at it makes no sense because we do not have the capability to render what isn't.. hell even that makes no sense.. LOL

    It's good to think about it though.
    I think you have too much time on your hands LOL
    LoL! What a wonderful question in these times that we are having in these days. I just wanted to say Thank you,I enjoyed this question the most. Even though I haven't an answer on it,sorry. I still enjoyed it.....tremendously!

    Good, something to think about.

    History was written by the winners, I'd  like to go back and find out what really happened,,,,,But alas, it won't be during my lifetime.....

    No, I'm not a Christian anyway. Who cares what anyone else thinks...

    Food for thought.
    Many Christians are against anything scientific, they do not even believe we were on the moon, they do not believe in extraterrestrials. Evolution is out, Intelligent Creation is out, time travel is out..

    We are here alone as god wanted it, Monkeys are monkeys, fish are fish, there is no correlation between living things here on earth. God made man and made animals for man to eat and work. That's the way it is. Time travel?

    Disclaimer: Not all Christians fit this stereotyping, there are many reasonable christians that are open to suggestion, I know my wife's family, bible thumpin southern Pentecostal are closed to science.. Its all in the bible. There's no mention of Time travel in the bible.. so there's clearly no chance of it ever coming to be.. And a monkee will always be a monkey.

    It's people like this who kept humankind in the dark for so many centuries. They locked up anyone who said the earth was not flat. They are the flat earthers.

    Wow, I had to fix a few words in that answer, I never checked before i posted.. When I read it back it said something entirely different than what i was thinking, i must've been sleeping when i posted it.. LOL

    As long as I don't lose my luggage, I'm cool with it!


    Why? Well, scientists are playing with time in the Hadron collider. They have found the God particle too! That will put you in a quandary.

    Can I have more than one ticket?  There are several things I would like to change.

    hi eggplant time travle sounds brill if i had a time machen then i will go back and say hi to profet muhammad and give hem a hug and allso see jesus and say hi from sniper 1237 i hope its not a rude answer

    people seem to forget how space and time are linked. You cannot affect one without the effect being felt in tne other!
    To return to yesterday involves a physical return to where the earth was yesterday with regard to the movements of the solar system and our galaxy. beleive it when I say that our planet is a long from where it was yesterday. The forward motion of yesterdays planet to todays position is the pecise result of gravitational and momentum forces (combined with masses and and a plethora of other energies)and a whole pile of other stuff. With respect to the butterfly effect adding your own mass, or possibly even the energy involved in just observing yesterday, will change the equation! different energy = different day = different future
    remember the famous axiom
    Time stops every event from happening at once and space stops all events from happening at the one spot

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