how to train a 15 months old shelty dog to pee outside of the house instead of doing it inside?

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    You're way behind in his training. See your profile page to see my other answer to this same question. Apply the same advice. It will be harder to break him though since he's older.

    Has he been vet checked recently? If his accidents are pee only, then he could have a urinary track infection.

    Very carefully!



    I kid you not!


    when the dog poops rub his nose in it say bad dog then put him out side

    A good vet will tell you that's bad advice. What you're training your dog is that it's bad to poop. This makes them feel ashamed about pooping anytime they do it even if it's outside. When a dog poops in the house, you point to it and say, "outside" and then you lead them outside saying outside when you get them there. Everything you do when training say outside for bathroom, outside toys, inside toys, outside play, inside play, always using the words, outside and inside. They will begin to understand the difference between outside and inside the more it's reinforced. Once they understand that then they know, relieving themselves is an outside thing not an inside thing. Never ever tell your dog, bad dog. That's negative reinforcement. This shames them and animals have difficulties dealing with shame. They can not think and rationalize like people do.

    Very good Colleen. My dogs are all trained to "wee" on command and not on hard surfaces eg cement pathway.

    Worked against the poor dog once. I had the most glorious Rottweiler girl you have ever layed eyes on all 56 kgs.
    Well I had to put her in a kennel while I was away for a week, when I came back because the kennels only had cement runs she had a massive urinary infection from holding on.
    well idk and ur really early on training

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