how to train a shelty dog to pee outside of the house instead of doing it inside?

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    Time and a whole lot of patience. You do not say how old your dog is. It's best to start training them as soon as they are weened. Every hour, outside they go. Lots of praise when they do their business outside. A simple no, if you see them going in the house and putting them outside right away. Put him outside 15 minutes after eating and 1/2 hour after drinking. It takes puppies at least until they are 6 months old to actually start understanding and figuring things out. I have two males and it wasn't until they were around 8 months old that I could tell they were actually grasping the concept of what words meant so that's why I said, a simple no. Too many words will confuse him and mean nothing at all. Time, patience and a lot of cleaner and paper towels.

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