We are doing our own remodel, inside and out. We're paying as we go. Will a buyer have a problem with financing when we want to sell?

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    It's extremely difficult to get a mortgage approved now a days. You many want to look into lease option to buy, or owner financing. At least you will know your options, you just need to fine the right buyer... Good luck.
    It depends on what type of remodeling you are doing. Some types don't "pay back" much for the work involved. So if you are thinking you will get a lot more for the house, you may not, especially in this poor housing economy. It depends on if you can get an appraiser to appraise the house and land worth what you are asking for. If so, then the financing should go ok.
    You might want to check with your realtor. My first guess is you are the one who is financing and when you want to sell your house, the work is already done. The buyer would not have any responsibility of what you owe for the remodeled place even though you are still paying.
    No. The property must be apprised to sale for a specific price.

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