2002 southwind generator gas line plugedcan i blow it out with air compressor?

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    Not familiar with the particular generator mentioned, but I'm assuming it is a simple gravity feed as most are. Before I blew it out, I'd definitely make sure there is not a fuel shut off that I forgot about. After that, I would very strongly consider changing the line filter. I say this because, if you are thinking the fuel line is plugged, the filter must be at a point to where it is unquestionably needing changing. Then comes the issue of the carbuerator, which is probably in pretty sad shape too, which will probably need a good dose of carbuerator cleaner, that will need to sit and be allowed the time to do its work. In that instance, you'd be best to get some good stuff that really works as it is supposed to. If you go to a boat shop that services Mercury outboard engines for small boats, you will be able to buy some Mercury carbuerator cleaner. I say this, in that I've used and been very disappointed with the stuff from Walmart, Napa, and that they are an honestly pathetic excuse for a carbuerator cleaner. I once revived a Coleman generator that had sat for roughly 5 years, because build up on the exhaust valve was hitting the cylinder head, and made the owner think there was a mechanical failure. That build up was hard as a rock when it cooled, and made the engine so that you couldn't make the engine turn over...thus, that's why it sat for 5 years. The original owner laughed and thought he got someone to haul away his nice looking junk for nothing...I puttered with it and made an easy $500.00 on it. Guess I got the last laugh! Good luck with your venture!

    PS. Fuel line is cheap. I'd just put a new one in.
    Probably not without spraying gas all over. How about trying to ream it out with something sharp on one end?

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