This last week I have been getting migranes,my face gets real hot and red and my gums are swollen and red. I walk 5 blocks to and fro work. can anyone help me?

    can anyone tell me whats wrong?I cant afford 300.00 amonth for insurance through my employer.
    Anyone?? I have to work tomorrow and need to feel better. Its just me and my 11 yr. old.

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    See your Doctor as soon as poss.He is best person, to know what is wrong.
    you could go to the hospital er if you can't afford a doctor visit....where i'm from (Michigan), they can't turn you away.
    Do you have a tooth ache? Any possibility you have an abcessed tooth?
    Make sure you are well hydrated(drink plenty of water) before you walk, expecially if it is hot. Also,if hot, carry an umbrella to keep the sun off your head and face.
    Are you taking a medication that is not agreeing with you?
    Call your local Health Department and ask to see a Nurse.

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