How can I become rich,with no money to start?

    Im sick of working hard and having litle or no result!Im sick of spending 80% of my life working!Im sick of missing my wife wihle I have to work for nothing!Im sick seeing all rich ppls finding small reason to fight in media,just to distract hard workers from real problems of life!Im sick,,,,of being sick!

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    if the anawer was that easy .. dont you think all of us would be rich
    Hey I feel the same way it seems like the working people do not have a chance today. I too am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I feel your pain although I am quite sure that does not help you much. Wish I knew the answer for us all......
    Marry a millionair.
    well, my dad was very poor one day, so he took a stick and a small boat to try his luck in fishing and Woaw , he's doing great today :D
    The old fashioned way requires work. It can be done, just patience and faith on your part that the work that you apply will get you where you need to be.

    Your sister,

    getting work is another problem.
    When you find out, please let me know?
    You can't. Come up with a creative product or service, than look for a backer. If your a tradesman sell your skills. Good luck.
    I was going to be rich several times in my life but I let myself down and became sick instead, not fair I thought, then I found Christ and became rich have love and I am loved what more could anyone want.
    There is very rarely a get rich quick system... There is usually building your wealth and assets gradually. In most cases you have to be very tight with your money. You just have to figure out how to get into a business where the earning potential is more or faster than what you're into now.

    Maybe try inventing something?
    Very, very easy. Go to the store, any store like 7 eleven, any gas station, supermarket, even spanish bodega, really .... any store and buy a lottery ticket and a big candle. Go home and sit in a corner. Start doing some prayers and more prayers and maybe, just maybe doing this long enough you might hit it big and became an instant millionaire and you can help all your buddies in this forum to pay all our bills. There ... here is your answer. Good luck

    He said with no money to start?

    Shoot ! you're right doublehelix, my bad. Good observation on your part.

    no prob :D
    What do you do for a living? I don't know how much you make, but usually It is more of a saving matter than earning. Have you looked over your spendings if there are unnecessary ones? You said you work hard. Is your living standard higher than you can afford? Maybe, you might want to go over your finance first before you complaint. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
    Don't know, but if you do find out please do let me know!
    Thank you gents!At least you tried!I'm not poor!I was expecting answers from a rich person!I wont overreact to any of the rude comment!

    We have a member here who claims to be rich. Maybe he'll tell you how he did it.

    Who is it, the rich man?

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