what would you do..?

    If your fiance's parents and family did not like you?
    Acted like they did but you knew they didnt?
    Then it ALL came out & you were treated like crap?
    What would you do?
    Nothing? Say somthing? What?

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    What does your fiance say? I had this problem once. I lost to the family. Will your fiance stand up to her family and stand beside you or will/does she put her family first? If she puts them first, you will never know peace in your relationship.
    if you really love her ... forget about what mom and dad thinks.. if they got money than whats more important to you her love or the money ..if you love her for the money that is .. thats what it all boils down to is the love of money .if shes broke than thats true love
    Be very sure,before you commit yourself to a lifelong relationship.Sooner or later this family dislike will engulf your fiance as well.Blood is thicker than water my friend.
    Why don't they like you? Do you have nasty habits? Is it based on religious differences? Are you rude to them or abusive to their daughter?
    My in-laws hated my guts, rightfully so at the time. I was not a good person. However, my wife loved me and she didn't care about how they felt, and I didn't give a S**t. We've been married as long as there's been "space dust". So ignore them, they will go away. We eventually became civil towards each other, and all was well.
    Alot deepends on how ur fiance feels. Im sure it would hurt his parents more, if u ignore them. Just hold your head up, and get on with ur life and your future plans. Good luck.
    I tried to get along with my inlaws even after they told me I was riuning my husbands life right before I got married... (like in the dressing room of the church) even after they told my husband we need to abort my son. Even after my mother in law tried to set my hubby up with ex girl friend after we were married. I tried....
    Then one day she told me and my husband we could not order a pizza becuase she knew we didnt have that kind of money... We did not see them for 2 years. They figured out I was not going anywhere and learned to accept me... Now I dont partiularly like them but they know I am the best thing that ever happened to thier son and are very proud of my children.
    If your fiance felt anything about you, the subject could be approached and your worries aired. If your fiance's parents family do not like you for no reason it's their loss. This problem is quite common in relationships and if not resolved does very often breaks up partners. If the subject does raise it's ugly head stay calm and speak your mind along with your concerns for the future.
    All I know is: blood's thicker than water.

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